Recap PIXEL 4 Launch Event | What was launched by Google

In case you were busy for last few days and missed out Product Launch by worlds biggest Tech company Google here are some recap points to get you covered.

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  1. Google NEST Mini
  2. Google Pixel Buds
  3. Pixel 4 phone

Google Nest Mini – Leveraging the Tech knowledge gained by acquiring NEST google has started showing off the gadgets which they want to be your companion.Coming in as a replacement for Google HOME Mini this new launch focused on filling in the gaps of Home Mini at a very competitive price which is $25 in US. Though I should mention that it looks a lot like its predecessor.
Google has first and foremost improved the sound quality and they claim to have 2X improved Bass sound. Also they have put in enough tech to give you more cleared and natural sound.
They have also brought in a wall mount which is a welcome move.
Taking environment in to consideration Google has made this out of recycled plastic.
The fabric is supposed to be 100% recycled plastic and casing is 35% plastic.

Big thumbs to Google for this.

Hardware wise they have added an extra microphone so that it can listen to your command even on a family gathering day full of children’s noised,soccer matches sound in background or a small party with music.
You can use it like a Phone as well if you use Google Duo.
You can also use it like a Home Alert system

Google Pixel Buds As per Google these are not simple headphones, they are smart headphones they offer great functionality to users (Pixel users).
Their capability to understand your Ok Google commands and respond to them saves you the effort of picking up the Pixel phone.
If you meet somebody speaking Spanish (just an example) these headphones can also translate them for you in real time. That is the kind of tech that improves our lives. They are expected to be available around a price tag of $179.

However in real world these pixel buds will offer value to you only if they prove to have long lasting battery life, wearability for long hours in ears.

Pixel 4 The phone for which every body assembled and eagerly waited was the PIXEL 4. While Pixel phones are generally applauded for great photo shooting capabilities in low light they are generally not accepted in masses because of other functional issues like being sluggish on performance and bad display quality.
Google seems to have taken these in to consideration and offered a display which according to Display Mate has the best the smartphone display(Samsung must be all ears).
They have a faster processor , more RAM but this is not what PIXEL is about.
It is about the great pixels(pun intended) that it can shoot for us.

In camera they are offering LIVE HDR + and Super Res Zoom Technology.
While Live HDR + offer WYSIWYG (what you is what you get)feature.
Basic while shooting in HDR modes phones tend to show something where are what get captures is different.
Google claims its machine learning algorithms have been used to improve this.
Super Res Zoom is a combination of Optical + Electronic Zoom and Google’s Computation photography(yes they used this term) prowess combined Machine Learning power gives you extra zoom functionality.
Not that it is expected to shoot Satellites or Galaxies(pun again) but it does more than a good job.

showcased by google

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