Samsung Galaxy Fit E

Just like its name , this small device aims to be an Essential Fit in your life.
Samsung Galaxy fit e where E stands for essential.

In this quick unboxing video we shall see if Samsung offering has everything essentaial for your fitness or not.

The packing of this gadget is very compact and even on shaking does not give a rattling clue as to what is inside of it.
Still i looked around the box hoping it to be a MADE IN INDIA product but it was not . It was made in Vietnam.

Among other things the box mentions it marketable feature like long battery life (70mAh ), water resistance and Auto fitness and sleep tracking.

After unboxing you again find brand reminders that indeed it is a Samsung product.
Beneath the reminder you find two literature articles , the Warranty Card and the User Manual which you may want to go through to understand your device and understand the warranty terms.

So naturally i thoroughly concluded my studies with in 10 seconds and rushed to starting play with my new toy.

The next item that came out of the unboxed box was a small cute cable at one end of which is USB connector to connect to your PC or charger and other end is very uniquely designed charging head.
I must mention at this point that the User Manual warns you that you should charge your Fit e device with Samsung chargers only.

Finally the bad boy and my first fitness /activit tracker is out of the box and boy oh boy does it feel light in weight.

Well not only very light to hold but this device’s finish is a plain beauty which looks like a uni body.
The devices .74 inch MonoChrome display gels in to the strap and it is difficult to tell where one ends and other starts with only your touch.

To be honest I need tell you that my first encounter with the clasping mechanism made me feel like a monkey with an Ipad.
However I must tell the clasping mechanism is very firm , indigenous designed and never for a second did i feel it coming lose.

However at this point a very intersting challenge popped its head ?
How do we TURN the device ON ?

With the Deja Vu reminder that one should rush though studies, I brought back the manual only to find out that in order to
start Fit E you need to connect its charger. This charger vaguely reminds me of 3 PIO droid from star wars.

Finally a Samung rival Mi’s power bank came to help to jump start the device and my joy knew no bounds.

But what , now it needs a Galaxy wearable app on my phone.

After downloading the Application and Connecting it to Fit E via Bluetooth I found a strange issue. The device wont respond to touch and behaved randonly.
It could have been a setting or configuration problem

But like all Software Engineers I decided to upgrade the firm ware.

Thw 1.81 MB upgrade took almost a decade to download.
So for this I give thumbs down to Samsung’s update servers.

With in the application you have lots and lots of setting to customize your device.
You can rename it Apple Iwatch, reset all setting or even Restart it from the app itself.

You can wake up the screen by either double tap or by raising your wrist or to both.I prefer the double tap
Also you can turn on a DO NOT DISTURB mode and also set a schedule for dimming your device light.
If you are not a great fan of Vibration you can turn it off as well.

The most important item that found in the application was the capability to add more Widgets.
My fav being the continuos heart beat monitor.
You can reorder widgets seqence
Calculator widget , well that’s just a SHOW OFF on a fitness band

Another practical utility in the application was to locate your band by buzzing.
Helpful as it may sound i found the vibration on my table to be so feeble that i actually i had to pick up Fit E to see it was vibrating.
Thus there is a good change this feature may not be very ful in real life.

Well i must give big Thumbs to this device to be a very thorough product.
You can also control which app’s notification can actually show up on FitE.
Practical advice here though, stop almost all except call and you shall be bestowed with agreat and happy battery life.

You can also customize WAtch Face to see your favourite stat on Fit E’s Screen.

To quickly summarize , this non-intrusive, utltra light activity tracker is packed with features.
It offers you continous hear rate monitoring , tracking for 90+ acgivities with Samsung Health App and is Water resistant up to 50m.
It also claims to have a great battery life.

All these feature make a very good and yet inexpensive fitness tracker which has a brand value.

However very soon i will coming up with the first Real World test of this device.
So stay tuned, subscribe

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