Asus Rog Phone 2 – Birth of A Super Hero phone

I have owned quite a lot of phones. Phones across OS and brands. I have taken a pride in being an early adopter. I have owned Windows Phone 7 Samsung Omnia W (still working) , Blackberry Curve 8520(dead) and multiple other Android phones. Trusted phones like Samsung Note 2(working) , Galaxy S7 edge(dead screen) to experimentals like Meizu MX5(dead screen).

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But never has any phone evoked my emotions like the Asus Rog phone 2. Primary reason that like most of Indian buyers I dont have a heavy budget for phones but still wants the best of all things.

This is where I feel Asus hit a home run. To create a niche for themselves they did not do the mistake of following Samsung or Xiaomi. Rather they targeted the still largely not very popular and experimental gaming phones (where Nvidia Tegra and Xiaomi Black Shark burnt their hands). Combined with some cool branding , gimmicky features (what’s wrong with gimmicks , nothing) and jaw dropping Specs Asus made their presence felt and it was felt with an impact.

Normally I treat brands like Xiaomi like abrupters. They bring out phones with abrupting specs mostly high number but thats it. Higher specs at low price is their mojo.

Unlike Xiaomi Asus has paid attention to details like the finest craftsmen do while carving a statute like Leshan Buddha statue or editing a LaLa Land.

Touch and Display
For instance Delta-E < 1 which in layman terms means for human eye the color accuracy on phone is almost close to perfect for human eye and it cant distinguish colors between what is in real life and what is on the phone. Whattt !!

Continuing on its journey to find the perfect formula Asus went for a touch screen that has 49ms touch latency and 240Hz touch sampling rate. Now what it means is that not only Asus has achieved a great hardware but even at kernel and driver level they have optimized touch handling to be achieve this number. Again for layman if you are playing a game then your touch input reaches the game in 49ms to save your from that Pubg bullet fired by rival.

All these geeky numbers were good enough to win the hearts of hardcore gamers and guys at Android Authority but how to win the Lok Sabha elections or the Presidential elections for my US friends.
Well Asus cracked the formula and delivered it though 120 Hz Refresh Rate screen, killer looks with a LED light (Aura Glow), signature copper heat vent and a diamond cut Camera shape.
Well the phone had me at Hello (120Hz) but the looks are so unique that I kept on looking at it for hours. A feeling that had gone a bit a miss over the years. 120Hz for us muggles means a smoother visual experience. Samsung’s Note 10/10+ are still 60Hz , One Plus has breached 90Hz but well behind.


The area where this phone has been criticized a lot is this department.
In all fairness most of the good camrea phones like Iphone 11 and Samsung’s 10 series,Pixel by google not only have a great camera but some great post processing algorithms that make yourpicture great and Google calls it Computation photography.
Well Asus chose a much praised 48Mp Sony sensor with Quad Bayer tech. Now we all know MPs count dont matter alone, we need to have a great aperture which is 1.79 AWESOME and a large pixel size which is 1.6 micon.
Actually in 48MP mode pixel size 0.8 micron but if you use 12 MP model (pixel binning) the the sensor uses Quad Bayer color filter array and each pixel uses signal from 4 adjacent pixels to reach 1.6 micron to give you that great pic. There is also a secondary 13MP 125degree utra wide camera not to be left behind in specs.

Air Triggers

While Apple can take the successful credit for introducing us to Mouse and Touch Screen and punishing us with pressure sensitive touch , Asus took the idea to another level to please its core segment Gamers.
Ask any gamer and they would complain missing console like button while playing games on mobile.Without adding any accessory Asus introduces a new input method using Ultra Sonic Air Triggers. Basically you tap on your phones side and that tap can be mapped to a particular area on screen as if a touch input. Some may call it a gimmick but i know a whole lot who would love it.

Industry beating specs
Combined all this GEEKY tech with well known specs flaunting like Tiger Shrof and Hrithik Roshans abdominal muscles e.g. worlds first Snapdragon 855+ , 2.96 Ghz processor , humongous 6000mah battery and ULTRA cool accessories this phone is a great package for any buyer and not just the Gamers.

Believe me , buy this phone and you will not regret it at INR 38K

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