Launch event Realme X2 Pro

The Launch covered a lot of aspects of this phone and the efforts that Realme has put into making this phone what it is.
But first things first the phone’s price is INR 30,000 for 8GB RAM/128 ROM and Rs 34,000 for 12GB/128 GB ROM.
IF you want to watch the full event it is below.

It was really cool to have a CEO (Madhav Sheth) who focused on building relationship with their customers specially with the millennials. For the same Realme is organizing live concerts in various colleges like IITs(my alma matter) ,Bits, Sophia College, NITs. It is a really smart approach to focus on branding building with the next wave of potential customers and tapping them young. Kudos.
The event started with CEO explaining a lot of accomplishments #RealMe has achieved in a short span of 18 months.Although none of them is small but some of the mentionables included.

  • Innovative marketing accolades. Industry recognition for being disruptive and innovative in tech.
  • 3rd largest smartphone brand behind Xiaomi and Samsung.
  • No 1 Quality Smartphone Brand(a major feat for 18 month old brand).
  • No 1 brand on Flipkart since June.
  • Achieving 314% growth in offline Sales.

This was immediately followed by CEO showcasing a feature though a Challenge aimed at highlighting the biggest feature of X2 pro i.e. 50Watt VOOC charging. He left the stage after comparing the charging speed of Realme X2 pro along with other big brands like Huawei, Samsung, Apple.
The challenge was annihilated by the X2 pro where it charged fully under 35 mins.Any guesses which phone charged the slowest. However, it was interesting to see that the company did not do comparison with any of the sister or umbrella brands.

The event was then taken over by very eloquent Realme India Product Manager Nidhi Bhatia who explained all the features of this phone which make it great for its users.Essentially all these specs were covered in details.

IMHO Bringing high end spec hardware to a phone is an Engineering problem but making that hardware/tech work seemlessly for the end user to actually give a great experience is difficult. Thats what differentiates a good phone with mass loved phone.
So, the team at Realme collaborated with experts like Aaron Huey (Nat Geo photigrapher)and Naoto Fukasawa(Industrial Designer) for improving their Photography outputs and their Design and I must say whatever they showcased was really impressive for an end user if you have to judge by the clap thunder that resonated in the room.

Over all the most impressive things of this hardware are

a) Super fast 50W VOOC charging which can achieve 100% charging in 35 minutes

b) 64 MP Quad Camera Setup which can achieve 20X Zoom with impressive clarity

c) Fast Fingerprint Unlock and Face unlock

To sum it up the team at Realme built up the excitement well b4 the launch and they delivered on their expectations well. The launch was a perfect launch showcasing the great capabilities of the brand.


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