The Premium/Flagship Smartphone category is full of Giants like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OnePlus

The budget Smartphone category is however dominated by the likes of Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo,Vivo, Redmi.


But budget Smartphone players are now hungry for that bigger slice in their own style and are creating a new segment called Budget Flagship category.

Which that essentially means is powerful specs at comparatively lower price and we first saw Asus Rog Phone 2 , One Plus 7T in that category.

However lets not forget the fact that to make a flagship you need to have a combination of all below

  1. Premium Specs
  2. Premium Design and Build Quality( glass metal fusion at its best )
  3. Great Camera ( and not just good selfie)
  4. The X Factor or USP of the phone
  5. Brand recognition

Asus Rog phone 2 excelled in all these areas with somewhat lagging in Great Camera factor.

What it lacked in Camera was compensated by the OOMPH it squeezed in 6000mAH battery , Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner type looks and a Smooth 120Hz Display.

Now that Realme has entered the Arena where it wants to box with the heavy weights, lets us see how it fares in all these departments

  1. Premium specs – Realme has assembled the best line up that is available right now.
    Snapdragon 855+ processor which can clock 2.96 Ghz, LPDDR4X RAM 8GB RAM starting, UFS 3.0 storage, 1000 nits AMOLED display,64MP Quad Cam setup. Also the phone support Dual Channel Wifi.
  • Premium Design– While the glass and metal combination is present in the back along with GORILLA glass 5 the design is very conservative and Realme has played a safe bet which is a smart thing to do.It is not easy to pull of a Rog Phone 2.
    The side bezels are metallic and provide a good grip. Also the curved glass back provides a premium finishing.
    However on two fronts I find it lacking.

    The back despite metal and glass feels plasticky and the front bezels are too thick.
    Sorry folks I find thinner bezels uncomfortable too hold but still crave them for that Premium Look.
    Fashion over function in terms of looks works for me.
  • GREAT CAMERA To win over the prospective customers Real me went with a really good effort in Camera and we need to provide full appreciation.

The shooter is a  64 MP sensor by Samsung with f/1.8 aperture and the sensor size is 1/1.72 which is commendable.

 It is complemented by a 13MP Telephoto Lens for 5X Hybrid Optical Zoom and 20X Hybrid Zoom,a 8MP Wide Angle Lens with 115 degree field of view and a 2MP Portrait Camera.

There are some huge plus to the camera like

  • Crisp pictures in 64MP mode.
  • Support for Night Mode.
  • 20X Zoom to capture that extra distant object in your photo
  • Portrait or Bokeh effect in Video . I personally like this a lot and is my fav so far.
  • 4K video support at 60fps

However there are some big misses in Camera which become must for a flagship like

  • No Slo-Mo for the millenials trying to shoot their (I have not found this in phone so far despite website claiming it)
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Well the X Factor of the phone is definitely the Fast charging in 35 mins.

It charges its juice pack of 4000mAH well within 35 mins with the help of a 50W charger.Not only is the phone good at Fast Charging, on a moderate to heavy usage it survives all day long without the need to recharge.

  • Brand Recognition – If we compare with bigger brands definitely it is an upcoming brand and giving you 30K bucks is not easy.

But Realme brand is hitting punches above its height  and weight by getting several Industry Awards like

  • Disruptive Brand of the year in 2018 and 2019,
  • Innovative Marketing Awards
  • No 1 seller on Flipkart since June,
  • makes 3.5 million units in a month and claims to have lowest industry return rates.
  • Also the brand is hosting a lot of concerts in a Tier 1 colleges along country to build up its rapport with the new millenials and create a brand space for itself.

All in all Realme X2 Pro is a good effort to Enter the Flagship Entry. But like every other Flagship maker, now with X2 Pro every move by Realme will be scrutinized, every phone will be compared with onces by Samsungs, Huawei etc and they really cant afford to lose ground.

But something tells me that Realme is ready and they have the passion, tech and brains to emerge on Top in this category.

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