And the 2019 Best Smartphone Processor Award goes to….

There was a time when very few companies had the IP, Finances and man power to manufacture the mobile phones. That changed dramatically with the Chinese entering the foray so much so that the same parent companies are investing in multiple Mobile Manufacturers.

However at the very heart of the Mobile is its processor and very few tech giants(Samsung/Mediatek/Qualcomm/Huawei) have the technical expertise to manufacture them. Not only is setting up the latest foundry to forge is difficult, manufacturing processors is highly domain specific work where tech giants have set up well funded R&Ds .

Over the period of time processors have become faster, less power hungry, better at multi tasking and remain the very critical component of SOCs(System on Chip) design as the capabilities offered by them allow other components to be integrated to SOC.
Not only technical even a common person is so much aware about the kind of processor that is running their favorite Mobile devices that processors have become selling point for these phones.
For e.g. Asus Rog phone 2 drove entire campaign on being the first to have Snapdragon 855 plus.

It is then only fitting that well known ANTUTU (smartphone benchmarking firm) categories the processors and awards the processor that have changed the industry.


The most basic criteria of judging a processor is by its capability to perform and therefore the processor that is the best in this category is indeed the HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION.
Antutu has awarded this to Qualcomm’s SNAPDRAGON 855 Plus.
Yes , launched in Second half of 2019 this processor was in almost all flagships and premium phones.
It was Clocked to 2.96Ghz frequency, 675MHz Adreno GPU with support for 10bit HDR, 4K HDR that quickly made it the mass loved processor and the award.


Most of the smartphones sales are in the category of Budget Smartphones.
That makes no excuse for manufacturers to ship them with unworthy processors.
So creating a processor that keeps checks all the boxes at the same time keep its cost low is indeed award worthy effort. Antutu awarded this to Kirin 810 by Huawei and Helio G90T by MediaTek
In Antutu’s own words.

In June this year, Huawei released the Kirin 810, the biggest change is to stop using the Cambrian NPU, and instead adopt Huawei’s self-developed Da Vinci architecture, while using the 7nm process, making Kirin the first manufacturer in the world to have two 7nm SoCs, its overall performance is excellent, in the lead in the performance of the same class.

Also , MediaTek came just in the right direction of delivering HELIO G90T for the mid-range smartphones targeting Qualcomm SDS 730.
Built with a 12nm process this processor was clocked to 2.05 GHz frequency CPU and 800MHz ARM Mali GPU.

BEST INNVOTATION AWARD – SAMSUNG EXYNOS  980 , Qualcomm SD 765G and Huawei Kirin 990 5G

Well clearly this category has no dearth of participants all of whose efforts have been deemed worthy of mention.

All these processor have integrated 5G support and are yet targeted for mid range SOCs leading to mid range smartphones.

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