Samsung unknowingly reveals New Flagship Names at CES 2020

Galaxy S10 series wont have S11 as its predecessor

There were already speculations that Samsung Flagship seriesGalaxy” will skip Iterations and there will be no S11 (last release was S10 series).

CES 2020 held in Las Vegas from 7th to 10th January was an active period for Samsung with all its innovations in TVs i.e. The Wall and Sero TV, robots Ballie and launch of S10 and Note 10 lite.

In the same period Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh held several meetings with Telecom partners.
There it appears that he has confirmed the new names to them and they will called , hold your breath……. Galaxy S20 , Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra which in my opinion has positive connotation as compared to Lite or Pro used before.

New GALAXY Fold Device

We all have seen the Galaxy Fold Device which had the screen fold issue and then we saw the Moto Razr.
On the similar line Samsung is launching its second foldable device which is believed to inspired by Lancome’s makeup compacts Clamshell design.

Well whatever the design inspiration the Galaxy Fold 2 will have clamshell design and is targeted towards the fairer sex and will be called Galaxy BLOOM.

Lets see how well these rumours turn out to be but if the leaks are to be believed we have an early Treat for our eyes and smartphone addiction.

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