[Update]Pete Lau confirms new display Tech is indeed a 120Hz Refreh Rate Panel

[Update ] Pete Lau,CEO of One Plus, confirmed today that the mystery Display Tech is indeed a 120 Hz Refresh Rate Panel. We must tell our readers that a higher Refresh rate means more number of times the display updates with new image. It results in a smoother look in video scene or improved graphic experience while gaming.
However it is expected that One Plus will be holding an event today in China and will share more details with us.
Given that this year is expected to bring in 144 Hz Refresh Rate panels we wonder if One Plus is ahead of the game or is just catching up.

[Original]Very recently we saw the One Plus come up with the CONCEPT ONE phone in #CES2020 held in Las Vegas.
Concept One was able to garner a lot of good attention with the Disappearing Camera.
Check out the video at bottom.

Invitation For New Tech
One Plus 8 Pro

Now barely days after that One Plus is planning
to reveal a new Display as mentioned on Chinese Website Weibo.

Thanks to Google Translate we are able to understand a bit of what it meant.
As per the post One Plus has not revealed anything but it may feature a full screen panel with layers.

Now it mean a 120Hz Refresh Rate Display as we have been getting some leaks about it or it may be underdisplay Camera tech or Finger Sensor tech.

What ever the case may be we at The Tech Conversations are pretty excited about the second announcement coming so soon

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