Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO is now a company in itself

It is 2020 and still dont know when to use HDR in your smartphone or how its works and when to use it.Watch on YOUTUBE or on FACEBOOK – #thetechconversationsexclusive

Remember PocoPhone F1 launched by Xiaomi. I am sure you do as this phone was huge seller in 2018 and was loved by masses globally.

And now this smartphone model is now a company in itself and will no longer be under the umbrella of Xiaomi.
It is like Samsung spinoffs its Galaxy Note Series to make a new company called Note phone to launch its own innovations and branding and finances.
We are not sure at this point of time which one of Xiaomi’s existing executive will be transferring to POCO to head it.

As per some reports this brand will be totally independent and not like Redmi which even though independent still is under umbrella of Xiaomi.

Well so far we have seen that strategy of overflooding of more and more Chinese Smartphone companies has helped the smartphone sector as well as the sister or Umbrella companies of Xiaomi, Vivo, OnePlus, Oppo,Realme in gaining traction in smartphone markets and under cutting established players like Samsung and Apple.

Lets see how this business decision fares out to be.
All the Best POCO.


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