Samsung appoints new chief for smartphone division to fend off the Chinese

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As part of 2020 rejig Samsung has retained most of its chief executives in-order to have more stability but at the same time has created a new leadership position under IT and Mobile divisions Smartphone business now to be headed by Mr Roh Tae-moon.

CEO DJ Koh, meanwhile, will focus on broader issues and spearhead the overall smartphone and telecommunications equipment business activities.

It is noticeable that As the Head of the Technology Strategy Team from 2007 to 2015, CEO DJ Kohcreated strategic alliances with partner companies to help bring innovative technologies to market. Under his leadership from 2006 to 2007, the North America Product Planning Group established a strong foothold in the North American market by developing innovative mobile devices for carriers. Mr. Koh was also responsible for bringing key technical innovations to modem and software technology when he was Head of the Samsung R&D Institute in the U.K.

At the same Mr Roh Tae-moon was unarguably the No 2 in Mobile division as he headed mobile hardware research and development.
phone seller.

As per Samsung he is credited for advancement of Galaxy Series especially the mid-range lineup where his low cost solutions helped fend off the Chinese dominance to make Samsung as the number One global Android.

Considering that mobile division is very volatile and there is a strong competition from Chinese in strong smartphone markets like India and China coupled with disastrous fiascoes of exploding batteries and delay in Galaxy Fold devices it appears to be quick smart move from Samsung to bring in relatively young gun to its Smartphone division.

Well The Tech Conversations wishes the new Chief All the Best.

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