Samsung launches Made In India Smartphone Display Factory 👍📱🔥

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Samsung and Apple both have closed factories in China’s Huizhou.Read reports here.
Well personally me , Alok Singh your humble blogger, had visited the Samsung factory when I was an employee with Samsung so it came as a bit of shocking news but given the rising labour costs, dwindling smartphone share in China and economic slowdown it should not have.

Well it seems that loss for China may be boading well for India as not only had Samsung had earlier opened worlds largest smartphone factory in India but now Samsung is also opening a new smartphone display manufacturing unit in India.

Well that definitely shows Samsung’s commitment towards Indian smartphone buyers and its Indianemployees against the “speculative” and “misleading” ill-rumours of firing 1000 employees .

The regulatory filing from Jan 3, as reported by Reuters and XDA-Developers further reveals that Samsung India said it had incorporated a group entity, Samsung Display Noida, “with the principal business of manufacturing, assembling, processing and sales of displays (including their parts, components and accessories) for all types and sizes of electronic devices.”

The smartphone display unit will be started with a initial seed of $500 million by the parent arm in form of loan and land in Noida region where Samsung smartphone factory is.

Setting up a local smartphone display unit is expected to bring down the cost of display which in turn should bring down the smartphone cost overall against the Chinese smartphone low cost phone.
As with smartphones Samsung can ship the displays from this unit to its other manufacturing units in Vietnam and Korea.

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