Planning to buy a 5G smartphone in 2020 ? Here’s what you should consider 🛒🛒📌

A lot of hype is being created around 5G and companies ranging from SOC manufacturers like Qualcomm to device manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Nokia to Network Carriers like Airtel, Huawei ,Reliance Jio , Vodafone are using the buzz to promote their brands and capabilities of being 5G READY

And if you are planning to buy a new phone,flagship or otherwise, in 2020 but are waiting for a 5G enabled smartphone to be launched we would suggest DON’T WAIT UP. Here’s why ?

5G is a game changer and will bring you a host of benefits but don’t expect a widespread network to be ready for you in 2020 or even 2021.
What good is a 5G phone if you don’t get a good 5G network in your area ?


In India the 5G spectrum allocation is only shaping up right now. Given the huge amount of revenue that government will generate with spectrum bidding ,allegations of loss to exchequer that may follow and strict audit norms by CAG for such deals don’t expect 5G be flying with the same speed as our expectations of faster 5G adoption.
As per Ericssion report 5G is expected to reach a subscription stage in India by the year 2022


Also if we learn by our own experiences with 4G LTE roll out in India we can easily expect a mature 5G network to reach to masses in at least next 5 years. Metro cities can expect a faster adoption rate.
Given that an average consumer like you who is fast at adopting new technology and gadgets normally keeps a phone for average 3 years we think you can save your buck by not going 5G right away and wait for it.

“With respect to 5G, we’re in the early innings of its deplo ..

“With respect to 5G, we’re in the early innings of its deplo ..

With respect to 5G, we’re in the early innings of its deployment on a global basis

Tim Cook

Benefits of 5G

  • Faster Download Speeds 🚀
  • High resolution video chats 🗨️
  • Enable Connected Devices (IOT)
  • Smart Homes(again IOT) 🏡📲

As per Qualcomm and an Economic study 5G will enable various industries to manufacture up to $12 trillion worth of goods, will enable OEMs, Telcos, App Developers to genrate $3.5 trillion and will create upto 22 million jobs by the year 2035.

5G vs 4G , a comparision of two generations

Well in technology newer is definitely better even if newer is not revolutionary and only a subtle upgrade.
5G is definitely an upgrade over 4G LTE but definitely not revolutionary.

4G 5G
Supports 1 Lac devices per square kilometerSupports 10 Lac devices per kilometer
8 to 10 Mbps average download speedUp to 10Gbps *
Higher LatencyLow Latency**

*These are theoritical numbers and speed and low latency depend upon the implementation model and gears adopted by Telcos requiring higher investment.
* *Latency is the time that passes from the moment information is sent from a device until it can be used by the receiver. Reduced latency means that you’d be able to use your mobile device connection as a replacement for your cable modem and Wi-Fi. Additionally, you’d be able to download and upload files quickly and easily, without having to worry about the network or phone suddenly crashing. You’d also be able to watch a 4K video almost straight away without having to experience any buffering time.
– courtesy

Marketing and Ad Campaigns

So in the coming year given a huge amount of revenue being spent by OEMs, Telcos and device mannufacturers around 5G, chipsets supporting 5G to 5G phones, we expect to see a lot of ads tempting you to dive in to 5G and we at The Tech Conversations want nothing more than a faster 5G rollout for the next digital Revolution.

Till next time – Sayonara ✌️

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