Top Technical Achievements of Last decade, read to know how they improved your life

There is always an appeal inside all of us to go back to nature.
Be as much primitive as possible without any phones/gadgets or anything modern with us and be absorbed in trees or mountains or stars and sky.
But most of us know that is not possible anymore, rest are still hopelessly hopeful.
How did we reach here that we are unable to live our lives without our modern facilities unless painfully imposed upon.

So that brings us to a very simple looking but difficult to think through question of what technological advacements were done in last decade that have changed or have the capacity to change our lives in a way that we will not able to live without it.

Here is my take on top 5 or 6 with my limited understanding and humble opinion.
First of all Thank you for reading till here, I now urge you to journey through my thoughts with me.

Criteria :
The basis of the selection is the impact that it makes/can make to make our lives better.

1. Maps and Navigation in Real Time Technology

Although some of the big players like Google had started exploring the maps based tech in 2000s itself but even for them the biggest advancements in technologies for maps came only in the last decade.

Some of you may be wondering why is this important , its just a map?
Well, even if you remove the commercial aspects/usages of it where it can used as a tool to find/put businesses we may never otherwise be able to, the map based technology so simply gives you the incredible power to travel anywhere in the world in a transport mode of your choice without any hesitation and language barriers with all the latest information.

Suppose you trip-in in Spain without any Spanish language knowledge and without any idea how to reach the nearest disco.
This tech comes to your rescue.
Going to your office and want to avoid traffic routes , maps to the rescue.
Running out of fuel or hungry on a road trip , again maps gives you all the upcoming and nearby petrol pumps or restaurant information

Given the scale of users that simultaneously use it and the real time traffic updates you get with impeccable time estimates for your destination, the technology behind it is simply astonishing.

Imagine another scenario : You have never traveled to New York neither have the means to but with the street maps features you feel like you can travel in each and every lane , you can take any turn and see what is there. Tell me if this was even imaginable in the previous decade. I bet you can’t.

2. Block Chain

Some people say that Block Chain has achieved its biggest use case and that is crypto currency.
Some people may also claim that Block Chain as a tech has failed to live up to masses but there is more.

To give idea about Block Chain , it is a tamper proof de-centralized ledger where each party maintains ledgers and transaction operate strictly upon the laid out contracts which can not be broken.

The tech may be not be as mass adopted as the maps or smartphones but the power of transparency that it gives is huge.

Imagine – Every banking ledger is now de-centralized. Multiple banks across multiple geographies involved in money remittance are doing transactions without any one having the capacity of temper with the record of financial transaction.

Now if this technology is adopted by lets say Indian govt services to track where individual files/records of work are going , whether approval for a certain road / bridge is there or not , documents for contract applications are then would it not help us reduce corruption.

Wow , that would really be the 21st century way of curbing corruption.

Did not get much , dont worry imagine these more people friendly scenario
If Big Boss Season 13 voting is on a block chain medium then you can remove the fake voting as well 😛

3. Health Tech

Your health is always personal but previously the means to track your health were not. You were hitting gym to get a coach, going to doctors for checkups for blood pressure monitoring etc etc.

Now with the advent of smartphones and smartwatches combined with complex algorithms running on sensors you can track your health and fitness and food.
There are tons of apps like Skimble, Endomondo, Nike , that help you do excercise properly without a heavily paid coach or gym. You may access some advanced programs/features for a nominal subscription fee.
Also on these apps you can easily track your food calories , steps taken , heartbeat and all sport activities.

Smartwatches / smart-bands like that of Apple’s can now actually help you take ECG in addition to heart beat monitoring with immaculate accuracy.
What a momentous achievement.

Now I believe we can track our health and fitness and food in a much more aware and simple way.
So no more excuses for being lazy.

4. Autonomous Vehicle/Electric Cars

Are we there yet ! Not yet . Are we there yet ! Not Yet
These may be the words of a nursery rhyme that my kid listens to but it aptly suits the Autonomous vehicles.

Carriages without horses were considered unimaginable at one point and till few years back cars without a person driving it was considered a fantasy fiction or James Bond type of stuff.

But with the likes of Google, Audi, Tesla etc throwing in weight behind autonomous vehicle tech it made much faster progress.
Although the tech is getting mature with each passing day but it has yet to reach a point where any fatality with such vehicle could have come even with a person inside it driving the vehicle.
That is to say Autonomous Vehicles getting safer and safer everyday but any accident causes by it will definitely cause debates.

Electric Vehicles – Almost all the hydrocarbons produced over a billion of years are on the verge of depletion but not before causing massive climate impacts affecting all of us every day.
The cost of vehicular pollution is causing citizens of cities like New Delhi, Beijing, Bangalore to migrate.

So any medium of vehicle that does not use hydrocarbons fuels and is safe for our children is the future.

There were hints of companies working on hydrogen based tech but eventually the most successful is the one using backbone of our modern civilization.
Yes, and Now Electric vehicles are not in the future anymore because future is here and we are living in it.

From Rimac Concept One, MG ZS EV, Telsa model 3 there are super cars, to mass cars to sports cars all using electric tech or hybrid on the least.
And man do they not only reduce the CO2 pollution these cars make little or no engine noise.
Now thats what i call a Double wham.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the biggest buzzword of the last decade is AI.
Do you love the recommendation that Netflix or Amazon Shopping gives you ?
Do you want love the scene detection and camera setting changes done automatically in your camera. Then you should not be surprised to know that the power of Artificial Intelligence is giving you all these.
Well people may argue that data is not the new OIL but definitely it is a huge boon for any business to analyze their customers.

Thats why the data gathered on consumers beheavior is helping corporates to predict consumer behavior, economic growth, predict and plan budget using complex mathematical models powering AI.

The Artificial Intelligence is slowly complementing every technology around us.
And in coming future will be more absorbed in everything around us just like internet or smartphones without us even realizing.

Well here was my take for for top technological advancements of last decade but feel free share with my what in your opinion are the top technological developments.

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  1. Informative and interesting post! I did not know there was something called block chains. Yep, maps are definitely something we have started using in our day to day lives. And self driven vehicles? Not too sure about that..


  2. You touched all the recent technical advancements in the last decade and your post is just like an easy reckoner for the people who want to have the important points about technical advancements on their finger tips.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi , Thanks for reading.
      It would appear that AI is taking jobs but it is like computers taking away people jobs but in reality more jobs, more businesses were created.
      Similarly AI will expand our horizons technically.
      But your comments has given me an idea about my next Blog post.So Thank you again.


  3. Wow!!!,It was such an informative post..Except Google Maps I have not even heard about them…Technology drives the world now and it is best to keep ourselves updated about the new changes…Thanks for sharing it..My Best wishes to you for the coming decade..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s a pleasure to read. I got the chance to know about the top technical achievements of the last decade. Blockchain is a new concept for me. Technology is getting better day by day. Smartphones, electric gadgets are taking places in our daily routine.
    Deepika Mishra

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow!! Your post was a treat to read. Extremely informative, particularly about blockchain. I am definitely following you and your blog for “tech conversations”. Great to have discovered your blog via the blog hop.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What an informative post on the technical advancements in the last decade. I was nodding my head at every point that you mentioned. I am a big fan of maps since I travel a lot and maps have been a boon for almost all our travels. Loved reading your post!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Pretty informative post. There’s no running away from technology. It always reminds me of a song my mum used to sing, nahi vaqt me saath Jo chalte peeche vo reh jaate hain. I’m reminded of that with your post
    Have a great 2020

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Technology surely has made it easier to travel. Without Google Maps I would be lost for sure. And, on block chain it certainly has potential to grow, maybe we need more time to adjust to it. Even I don’t get it most of the time when my corporate projects revolve around it.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow! The first technology rich post, with a sneak peek at many new things happening in our virtual realities.

    My BIL is very passionate about Blockchain and is premiering one of the first HealthCare (we’re all physicians) Blockchain in the world.

    Technology is here to stay and we have to accept that, for better or for worse.


    1. Thanks for reading. Yes you are right. Everything that we do today is touched by technoloy and what greater does it have than to make our lives easier and better.
      Would definitely love to meet your BIL and sync up on Block chain


  10. What an enlightening post. I agree with you about Maps- it is the single-most useful app on my phone. I’m not too keen on driverless cars, but electric ones to save the environment are a huge boon. I’m unfamiliar with the concept of cryptocurrency, so can’t comment on that!


  11. That was a very informative blog. Yes technology has been a boom and has made life so much easier. I agree with the maps for sure. Last year when we drove in UK it was so convenient. I just hope we learn to use it wisely because technology is here to stay and will only get more advanced.


  12. Wow that’s quite an enriching post. You have aptly described the important achievements of 2020. Maps, smartphones,smart watches, healthcare apps for monitoring calories,heart rates, walking rate, distance, etc are all an integral part of lifestyle now and there is no goin back. Thanks for this wonderful round up of the last decade.!!


  13. u r very right in saying that in the last 1 decade we have become technologically rich.. most of these were even unimaginable a decade back..what i loved about your post is that it’s not plain tech stuff… everywhere u have introduced instances and made the reader think about life without and with the technology.


  14. What an insightful post regarding all update technology, yes we became so obsessed with techno world, for me Maps is the most useful gift brought by tech evolution .


  15. That’s a lot of information! Tech has come a long way. The devices and their functions seem to increase every quarter.
    For non-tech people, they better buck-up!
    Thank you for the write up


  16. I agree with you completely on maps as a revolution as they do give you the freedom to travel independently without any language barriers. Also I have been wanting to read about block chain for sometime. Your description gave me some insights and piques my interest for further reading. A good well though post.


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