POCO X2 – An unworthy successor or Evil Marketing Genius at Rs 15,999

Well readers the heading is definitely not a click bait. I have been deliberating to write on POCO X2 for some time now ever since the rumor smokes were thick and high but the thought of sounding negative held me back.

The Conundrum

But you must understand what is at stake for a smartphone reviewer if we truly evaluate not only a newly smartphone but also a newly launched company for not just specs but also their innovation quotient .
The risk lies not only in facing wrath from POCO fans but also it creates a risk of never being able to get good relationship with company.

If you dont know already know then I must tell you that very recently Xiaomi spinned off its popular smartphone model POCO to a new company in itself called POCO. Read about it here. Also you should know that Xiaomi already has a sub-brand called Redmi.

The Specs and Prices ? Good But Not Surprising as we have seen them already

Nothing much to guess here the specs are not new but borrowed from Xiaomi’s Redmi K30G. Whatttt

  • #120HzDisplay.
  • – 64MP IMX686 Quad cam.
  • – 20MP+2MP in-screen front cam.
  • – SD 730G+LiquidCool Tech.
  • – 4500mAh battery+27W in box charger. –
  • Up to 8GB+256GB. – Starts @ 15,999.

In case you are wondering the snapshots of specs is below is from Redmi K30G and not POCO. Do you see anything new or interesting

The debate

One may argue that the POCO X2 the phone is good and the specs that it offers at a very low price range of INR 15,999 deserves credit.
Well I agree verbatim but the debate is not on that point.

The tech industry expects innovation. Smartphones expect innovations. Buyers expect innovation and love little big things that come in their smartphone of their favourite brands.

Now imagine Samsung launches 3 smartphones called Galaxy 1, Galaxy 2 , Galaxy 3 with exactly the same specs with some look n feel difference in same price segment of 15K to 20K would it make any sense to buyer , it will create confusion and will show lack of innovation on part of company.
But it would be a marketing Master masterstroke if these 3 phones were produced by Samsung subsidiaries rebranded as Virat Brand, Sachin B , Dhoni C.

So Technically without offering anything new , no tech innovation what so ever there are three excellently branded and well marketed similar phones from one company has an advantage over other innovative competitors with just one offering.

And that’s our grudge , Marketing Over Innovation in smartphones.

The Tech Conversations

While POCO F1 is famous for its outstanding specs and prices and touched our hearts the idea that its successor is only a marketed/rebranded product with no hint of originality does not actually inspire me enough.

Hopefully we get to see a new innovative phone, a new and not MIUI skinned phone from POCO very soon.


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